Facebook Shops






Facebook has just changed the game. Going into direct competition with Amazon and Ebay with their very own shopping integration.

Facebook Shops” will allow businesses to create digital stores on Facebook and Instagram. Users will be able to browse products and now checkout through Facebook in a newly introduced feature.




Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder said that he had accelerated plans for Shops to take advantage of the boom in online shopping during Covid-19.




Right now many small businesses are struggling, more and more are looking to bring their business online.




Facebook shops will be free to set up for businesses and will offer an easy way to make a store for customers to access on Facebook and Instagram.




Facebook shops has started rolling out US and will become more widely available in the coming months.










Instagram Shop






This summer Facebook will start rolling out Instagram Shop.  With new ways to discover products from browsing brands and creators, to filtering by categories like beauty and home. Facebook also announced that later this year they would be adding a new shop tab in the navigation bar.









Live Shopping






With the popularity of people streaming live videos on Facebook and Instagram, Facebook will also be allow shopping in real-time. This means that tagged products will be shown in real-time allowing viewers to easily purchase through the app.  






Live Shopping
Source: Facebook






With Ebay and Amazon currently dominating this space but charging sellers fee’s, is this the start of a new chapter of E-commerce?




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